2011                BFA from OCADU, Toronto, Ontario



2018                 Emergency, Installation for Moniker Art Fair, London, UK

                        Uncover, Residency Program with the Urban Nation Museum, Berlin, Germany

                        Ilmatar, Large-scale mural with Helsinki Urban Art, Helsinki, Finland

                        Nature’s Arch and Altered Landscapes, Large-scale mural with the Canadian Embassy and St+Art India, New Delhi, India

                        Apparition of the Past, Large-scale mural with St.Art, NYC, USA           

2017                 Raw Project: Denver, Large-scale mural with Fairview Elementary School, Denver, USA   

                        In Pursuit of Peace, Large-scale mural with Vapnaagard Tunnel Project, Helsingør, Denmark

                        Monuments, Large-scale installation with MURAL festival, Montreal, Canada

                        On the Brink, Large-scale mural with Pangeaseed/ Seawalls, Churchill, Canada

                        Awareness: Mural For The People of Tibet, Collaborative mural with Adnate for Bushwick collective, Brooklyn, USA

2016                 Electric Currents and Mortal Wounds: Icarus to Narcissist, Installation as Top 10 Finalist for the Bloom Art                                                        Award, Art Fair Cologne, Germany

                        Protective Pack, Large-scale mural with Weart, Aalborg, Denmark

                        Wild Dogs, Large-scale installation at Kaaboo festival, Del Mar, USA

                        Guns, Germs and Steel, Large-scale installation for 2nd annual Street Art Biennale, Moscow, Russia

                        Divide and Conquer, Larger-scale installation with Thinkspace Gallery, Long Beach Museum of Art, USA

                        Impact of Discovery, Large-scale mural with Mural Social Club, Kiev, Ukraine

                        Trap of the Hunter, Flight of the Hunted, Large-scale installation with Unexpected Festival, Fort Smith, USA

                        Sword Dance, Mural with Vaford Gates project, Hong Kong, China

                        Overthrown, Installation with Thinkspace Gallery, Honolulu Museum of Art, USA

                        Hunter and Hunted, Mural with Artesano Project, Nagua, Dominican Republic

                        Radioactive Cascade, Collaborative Mural with James Bullough, with Urban Nation and Pangeaseed, Miami, USA

                        COP21 AD Take Over, Participant in citywide ad takeover with Brandalism project, Paris, France

2015                 Deacon of Dark River, Large-scale Mural for Wall Poetry festival, Reyjkavik, Iceland

                        Resonance, Installation at Sound Wall art headquarters, NYC, USA

                        Rise and Fall, Large-scale mural with Urban Nation Berlin, Berlin, Germany

                        Soon, collaborative Large-scale Installation with Trevor Wheatley, Way Home Festival, Burls Creek, Canada


                        Together We Fall, Large Scale Mural at Wall Therapy Mural Festival, Rochester, USA

                        In Pursuit of Prosperity, Installation at 88 East Broadway, NYC, USA

                        The Hunter, Spotify conference room installation, NYC office, USA

2014                 Raw Project, Jose Diego Middle School, Miami, USA

                        Spectacle, installation at Life is Beautiful festival, Las Vegas, USA

                        Competitive Nature Mural, Savage Habbit, NJ, USA


Solo Shows

2015                 CARBON, C.A.V.E. Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2014                 Electric Currents and Mortal Wounds, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, USA

                        HERE NOW, Portsmouth Museum of Art, New Hampshire, USA

                        Origin of Energy, MaRS Center for Innovation, Toronto, Canada

2013                 Li-Hill @ The Mascot, The Mascot, Toronto, Canada

                        City Scrawl: Urban Intersections, Art Gallery Of Ontario, Toronto, Canada                                                          

Group Exhibitions


2018                 UN-derstand The Power of Art as a Social Architect, Urban Nation Museum, Berlin, Germany

                        The Solar Panel Art Series, ADO, Brooklyn, USA

                        The Molskine Project V2, Spoke Art, San Francisco, USA

                        Ataraxia, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA

                        Art Not Jail, Young New Yorkers charity auction, NYC, USA

                        Meet Me at Delancey & Essex, Spoke Gallery, NYC, USA

                        East Meets West, Corey Helford Gallery, LA, USA

2017                 Heist, Juddy Roller Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

                        Urban Nation Museum Opening, Urban Nation Museum, Berlin, Germany

                        Onset, First Amendment Gallery, San Francisco, USA

                        Scope Art Fair, Thinkspace Gallery, Miami, USA

                        The Molskine Project V1, Spoke Art, San Francisco, USA

                        LAX / DTW: Detroit Hustle II, Thinkspace Gallery and Inner State Gallery, Detroit, USA

                        Art Not Jail, Young New Yorkers charity auction 2017, NYC, USA

                        From The Streets, Arts Westchester, White Plains, USA

2016                The New Vangaurd, Thinkspace Gallery, Lancaster Museum of Art, USA

                       Out of Line, Subliminal Projects, LA, USA

                       Exploring the New Contemporary Movement, Thinkspace Gallery, Honolulu Museum of art, USA

                       Entry Point, Thinkspace Gallery, Fullerton Museum Center, USA

                       Animalia, Abend Gallery, Denver, USA

2015                Brotherhood, Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC, USA

                       Power of Paint, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA

                       Scope Art Fair, C.A.V.E. Gallery, NYC, USA

2014                Scope Art Fair, C.A.V.E. Gallery, Miami, USA

                       Depth of a Substance, Succulent Studios, Brooklyn, USA          

                       21st Precinct, Outlaw Arts, NYC, USA

2013                New Hunting Ground, New Hunting Ground Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

                       AWOL CREW Presents: FABRIC, 96 Mc Cauley Road, Melbourne, Australia

                       Face Off, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                       Fractal Facets, IndustREALarts Room, Toronto, Canada

2010                OCADU GradEx 2010, OCADU, Toronto, Canada